Most things had fascination, and you burned with a thousand plans and ambitions. Did your fingers itch to create something beautiful? Did you yearn to be out-of-doors and doing? Here’s what to do when you’re bored.

  1. Treat yourself to a homemade facial. Raid the fridge for those wilting cucumbers, which when whacked in the blender and added to egg whites, make a cool and cheap face pack.
  2. Make a list from the newspaper of all the small, independent galleries around with free admission and make up your own tour. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.
  3. Your wardrobe’s bare but you’ve been rendered penniless by Christmas spending. Make a list of all the local second-hand clothing outlets. Most people have a thorough sartorial spring clean at this time of the year. Their loss can be your gain.
  4. Pick three classic novels, challenging ones that you’ve always meant to read but never got around to. Borrow, beg or buy at least one and get it read.
  5. Set your alarm for 6 am. Go to the pool. Do at least 10 laps. Have breakfast by the lake — a take away coffee and a croissant.
  6. Catch a bus to the coast, take a packed lunch.
  7. Borrow a friend’s bike and discover the capital’s extensive bike paths.
  8. Go to the tourist information center and ask for a brochure on the national parks and walking tracks. You’ll be surprised at how many there are and how few you’ve walked.
  9. Go to a nursery and buy a packet of seedlings and a bag of potting mixture. Brighten up your home or surroundings by planting them in any old tins or containers you have lying about.
  10. Buy a magazine. Go to one of your favorite coffee shops, order yourself a huge slab of cake and a cafe latte and enjoy an afternoon reading.
  11. Go and see a foreign film with subtitles, one you’d perhaps normally not rush to.
  12. Ring around and find out the best deal on an aromatherapy session, book yourself in for an hour-long appointment.
  13. Go to the animal shelter and offer to take a dog for a walk.
  14. Sleep in and have breakfast in bed: better still, make someone you love breakfast.
  15. Try your hand at writing, a short story.
  16. Never had a ride on a horse? There are many horse-riding facilities around. Go hire one.
  17. Watch the paper’s real-estate and public-announcement section for clearing sales. If you’re after bargains, these are the sales for you. Pack a lunch and make a day of it.
  18. Grab your spats and hit a bowling alley.
  19. Go to the library and borrow a book on paper-making, then sit down and write a letter on your homemade pad to all those old acquaintances you’ve been neglecting.
  20. Write a poem. Send it to a literary magazine. Be prepared to wait for a result.
  21. Go through all your cookery books. Pick out that one cake, dessert or main dish you’ve been dying to make but never had the time to prepare. Make time and enjoy the results.
  22. Go play a round of golf. If you’ve never played a game start off with the Pitch and Putt and move on from there.
  23. Make a list of the local wineries, do a tour, prearrange for a non-drinker to be your driver.
  24. Go to a new gym. Do a workout and have a spa.
  25. Check out a rose garden. Find out when it’s due (or pruning, apparently you’re allowed to take the clippings, excellent (or striking.
  26. Animal lovers might make time to visit a zoo.
  27. Make your own kite and head-off down to the area, which is reserved for such activities.
  28. Go for a jog.
  29. Go to a tackle shop and buy the right gear to make yourself a fishing rod. Go catch a fish for dinner.
  30. If you’re even slightly blessed with a musical talent, why not try busking. It can be a real experience.
  31. Park your car just outside, the perimeters of the airport fence. Climb on the bonnet and watch the planes come in to land. The effect is better, at night. Take a friend and a bottle of Champagne.
  32. Raid your vegetable garden. The juice from things like beet roots makes fabulous dye. Why not liven-up some of your worn T-shirts. Start off by using a batik method, tying the T-shirt in string before immersing in water and vegetable dye.
  33. Have your tarot cards read. There’s a cafe where you can have it done. Or buy your own and try it out for yourself. Cards can be bought from most specialty book shops.
  34. Go buy some bath crystals and bubble bath. Have a long hot soak. Then book yourself in for a pedicure and manicure.
  35. Make a list of all out-of-the-way antique shops around. Do a tour. Put aside a small sum for a tiny piece of junk.