Ways to Relieve Tension

6 Ways to Relieve Tension

It is not hard to relax a muscle when you think of it. You can slump and go as limp as a rag doll without elaborate instructions. The principle is to relax consciously so you will continue to do so unconsciously and habitually. Relaxation exercises and techniques Progressive relaxation exercises…

Great Ideas on Curve Control

Great Ideas on Curve Control

“I like you just the way you are” is a comforting phrase to hear, especially if it’s spoken by someone you care about. But when it refers to your figure it is wise to accept the compliment with reservations so that you will not be lulled into security and finally find…

Steps to Live a Happy, Healthy Life

11 Steps to Live a Happy, Healthy Life

Mental health fluctuates in everybody, just as physical fitness does. Most people show some mental disorder symptoms under stress at some time or other. Want to keep in good mental health? Then remember it depends almost entirely on yourself. Here is a step-by-step plan toward a way out of anxiety…