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How to Stay Fresh All Day

  1. Water is the most refreshing liquid of all, and the purer it is, the better for you. Drink six to eight glasses a day, because that’s what your body needs to replace the moisture that evaporates in the dry, hot air. Use bottled spring waters such as Perrier, Evian, Hepburn Spa. Keep several in your refrigerator. They contain calcium and magnesium, which help you to relax, stay calm. Light and quickly absorbed by the body, they’re really thirst-quenching. Sip them slowly: it’s more cooling than gulping them down and won’t cause cramps.
  2. Smooth on your foundation with a damp sponge. It’s the coolest way to apply it, makes it look sheerer, more even, and stay on longer.
  3. Get in the habit of carrying a small, folding fan in your tote or handbag. Then, if you get into a particularly hot spot (a non-air conditioned bus, for instance) waft cool air around your face. To cool off with scented air after dark, a few drops of Geminesse Perfume Concentrate sprinkled on to the ribs releases the fragrance every time the fan is waved.
  4. Because your eyes expend one-quarter of all your energy, you’ll stay more relaxed and cooler with sunglasses. Make sure they are dark enough to really protect your eyes from the glare of the summer sun (choose the kind that doesn’t let through more than 15 to 25 percent of the light) or wear the mirrored type that reflects infrared rays.
  5. Instead of tanning in the hot sun, stay cool indoors and get your tan cosmetically. Sudden Tan Bronzing Foam by Coppertone works this way: A water-soluble bronzer tints as you put it on, a colorless ingredient works on the skin’s outer layer to produce a deeper tanning effect within several hours. The addition of sunscreen and moisturizers protects you outdoors.
  6. Use a powder on your body after every bath or shower to keep cool and crisp. Try Elizabeth Arden’s Blue Grass Dusting Powder to relieve and soothe heat-irritated skin.
  7. An “alternating” bath is a good way to revive hot, tired feet. It stimulates their circulation. Dip them in warm water for three minutes, cold water for two. Alternate back and forth for 15 minutes. The last soak should be in cold water.
  8. To cool and soothe dry skin, give yourself this at-home facial.
    1. Apply a light cream and massage it in with upward strokes.
    2. Take a bath or shower, so the steam helps the skin absorb the cream.
    3. Follow this with a herbal mask. Remove it and splash your face with cool water.
  9. Wear the kind of makeup that goes on fast and smoothly, stays fresh for hours, no matter how humid it gets. Try Max Factor’s Waterproof Fluid MakeUp, Waterproof Blush and Waterproof Mascara for a nice glow that won’t fade.
  10. Keep your air conditioner on low or do without it. Air conditioning helps reduce humidity and is just as drying to your skin as cold dry air in winter. If you must have air conditioning protect your skin with a moisturizer.
  11. Carry pocket-size cleansing pads when you go outdoors for any length of time (on the tennis court, city streets, a sailboat) to refresh your skin and wipe off excess perspiration which may clog pores. A good one: Rimmel’s Wipe-Off Pads.
  12. If you don’t have time for a shower, splash on cologne. The tangy fragrance is very invigorating, more so if you chill it first.
  13. Water ballet is a cool, effective exercise. You’re less likely to overheat, and the natural resistance and support keep you from overworking your body.
  14. A new way to whiten and freshen your fingernails comes from Joan Wong-Chong, a manicurist at the Gil Ferrer Salon in New York. Place your fingers in a grapefruit half that has had the pulp removed. The inside of the rind has properties that thoroughly cleanse your nails.
  15. Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Milk Bath is an instant way to add fragrance to your skin, and one of the coolest.
  16. Take advantage of the cooling benefits of cucumbers. Soak some slices in milk at room temperature for an hour. Place them on your feet, so the cucumber can stimulate them, the milk soothe them. Also, peel a piece of cucumber, squeeze the juice on a cotton ball and apply it to your eyelids, or use a slice of peeled cucumber as an eye pad.
  17. On the tennis court avoid the hottest times, between 11 am and 2 pm. Play in the early morning or later in the afternoon. Cover your head with a ventilated hat. It’s cooler and prevents perspiration making your hair go limp. Protect sensitive spots that burn fast (your nose, knees, shoulders) with a sunblock. Moisten terry-toweling wristbands with cold water. Between sets, place a cool, wet towel on your neck.
  18. Follow up every bath or shower with a moisturizing treatment to seal in the water that your skin has absorbed. Juvena’s After Sun Care cooling lotion helps retard moisture loss and contains a mildly antiseptic ingredient to take the sting from sunburn.
  19. Remove harmful salt or chlorinated water right after swimming with a cooling spray of Orlane’s Hydro-Tonique Skin Bracer. Its 50-50 formula of moisturizer and toners rehydrates and refreshes.
  20. Always carry a portable protection to shield your skin from the sun. Piz Buin’s Top Stick is rich in lubricants and contains a powerful sunscreen.
  21. Waterproof mascara is a must. Perspiration won’t smear it, hours of swimming won’t streak it. Grey instead of black is softer, cooler looking, especially when worn with green or blue eyeshadow.
  22. Switch from using a blow dryer to finger-combing your hair. It’s much cooler.
  23. Keep a flacon (stoppered bottle) of perfume in your purse for on-the-spot fragrance. Cyclax’s Spray Mist is a light, fresh blend of lily of the valley and jasmine, in an oil base. It lasts for hours.
  24. Cool your face with a mask: Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Special Gentle Mask is as refreshing as its blue color, and a great way to revive a sun-parched complexion.
  25. Consistent exercising, and the cooling perspiration which accompanies it, can help to build an immunity to overheating and its consequent heart stress. Exercise a few minutes every day and your body will adapt better to heat. Here is a two-part routine which temporarily moves the circulation away from your extremities, where the blood normally goes in hot weather, to relieve pressure and swelling in hands and feet.
    1. To start: Lie on your back on a mat and lower your chin to your chest. Raise your legs, with toes pointing to the ceiling, arms straight out on the floor with palms down. Then, raise your arms with your fingers pointing to the ceiling, and return them to the mat, in quick motions as if you were beating the air with a fan. The air currents from this fanning will quicken the evaporation of perspiration, making you feel cooler faster. Inhale for five complete arm beats, exhale for five complete arm beats. Eventually, work up to 100 arm beats.
    2. Lie flat on the mat. Rollback, bringing your legs overhead, with knees bent near your ears and hands bracing your back. Inhale for five counts, exhale for five counts. Eventually, try to reach 50 counts.
  26. Use a lighter touch when putting on fragrance. You’ll be more refreshed by less scent, especially if it’s long-lasting. Revlon’s Charlie is a new form of fragrance that’s as fresh as cologne. But it will last as long as a perfume because of its high concentration of natural ingredients.
  27. Cotton is the coolest fabric next to your skin. Switch to cotton underwear, cotton sheets. Save synthetics for cold weather.
  28. Cold milk is a wonderful skin smoother. And so is Estee Lauder’s Iced Milk Mask, a milky, white gel-like mask that deep-cleanses normal and dry skins and protects them.
  29. Light textured foundations are the coolest. Use them to even out a tan, or to give your skin a little transparent wash of natural color. Estee Lauder’s All Over Cover does it beautifully. Putting on makeup in a cool room helps it to last longer.
  30. Add different soothers to your bathwater, for a variety of cooling effects. Squeeze in the juice of a fresh lemon, or pour in some Badedas.
  31. Food is energy and overeating can make you hot. Cut down on your kilojoules on sweltering days with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  32. Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol constricts the blood vessels (when the vessels narrow, they can’t bring heat from inside your body to the surface as quickly as normal, so it takes you longer to cool off). One way to drink less is by mixing alcohol or wine with lots of soda over ice.
  33. Store a cold pack in your refrigerator to soothe sunburns, bug bites, heat-induced headaches, and reduce swelling of hands or feet.
  34. Learn to breathe properly. Inhaling and exhaling, so that your lower ribs go in and out like an accordion, is calming, cooling. This exercise should help you to breathe deeper, more completely, and make you more conscious of your breathing pattern. Take a deep breath and blow through a straw into a glass that is half full of water. See how long you can keep the water bubbling. Then stop and inhale in short little gasps. Blow through the straw again. Repeat five times a day.
  35. A fast way to take the sting out of sunburn is to place cotton pads soaked in witch hazel on the skin.
  36. A dark beach umbrella shades you better, keeps you cooler than a light one because it lets in fewer of the sun’s rays.
  37. Give your skin a sheer, greaseless moisturizer that allows it to breathe. One to try: Lancome’s Bienfait.
  38. Use a deodorant that you can really rely on to keep you dry and fresh on the hottest days. Clinique’s remarkably effective Antiperspirant is one to try.
  39. Take a little eye-soothing break with Rimmel’s Wipe-Off Pads. It’s a quick way to relieve heat-and-light-strained eyes.
  40. One of the coolest and easiest ways to apply fragrance is with a moist towelette saturated with a tangy, lively scent.
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