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What’s wrong with women wanting to be good wives or even just be wives? Everyone wants to love and feel loved no matter what hardcore facade they build. Humans instinctively want to please others, so why can’t women be human? Being a good wife isn’t a downfall for the matriarchy.

If a woman wants to strive to be a good wife other women shouldn’t condemn her for it. Would the die-hard feminists be so outraged if a woman wanted to be a good wife for her lesbian spouse? No. So why should a woman be punished for loving a man? If her husband doesn’t treat her well, by all means, get out of there, but if he does, shouldn’t she treat him well in return? Isn’t equality what most women want?

Die-hard feminists shit me because they oppress their own sisters. They dictate that some women’s hopes and dreams are rubbish because they don’t hold those dreams themselves and in doing this they are creating more obstacles that women have to overcome before reaching freedom. Most men want slim, pretty girls and feminists cry out for rebellion and condemn those who are thin and pretty. There’s no medium. But what is a thin, pretty girl, who also happens to be a man-eater, going to do? These women aren’t welcome to play for either side.

When you sit around with your friends and a pretty girl happens to walk by, the bitchiness immediately starts and the claws come out. You take one look at her and think she tumbled form some magazine page, landing with her hair perfect, and you’re resentful. You and your friends hiss and spit because she was fortunate enough to have sucked all the beautiful genes from her parent’s. But is she fortunate to have all this beauty?

I once knew a girl with perfect porcelain skin and a really sweet face. The way she dressed exasperated me. I immediately condemned her short skirts, pink tight tops, and fuck-me-boots as bimbo material. I thought this made her an idiot and so I laughed at her apparent need to wear that Miss Shop uniform, but she was laughing at me.

One day I was forced to talk to this prissy-miss and it was then I realized how judgemental I’d been. She didn’t need to wear those clothes, she just liked them. She simply valued her body she didn’t care whether it was too short or too pink because that’s what she wanted to wear. Her confidence made me ask myself why I acted the way I did: because I was self-conscious of my body; because I was frightened of my sexuality; because I didn’t know myself the way she knew herself.

And so we talked and I realized she was more of a feminist than me. She took less crap from people, she’d been more wild and rebellious, and she had more Hole albums. She wasn’t the clingy girlfriend I imagined her to be either, but a woman unto herself. She took what she wanted from her boyfriend and was confident enough to walk away when things got rough, something I had yet to master.

And so here is the downfall in feminism. It tells you that because a woman looks like a fragile, pink-dressed dolly she can be easily walked on. Don’t be stupid enough to believe it. She could turn out to be a formidable dragon lady in disguise. And maybe it’s not a disguise, maybe that’s her. Maybe that’s the way she wants to be perceived. Pink isn’t a color to be ashamed of. Pink is a form of red and red is feisty. Red is powerful.

How can we expect men to respect women if we cannot respect our own gender in the choices they make. If men don’t respect the feminine and soft sides to women then ask yourself why: because women have made those qualities seem the second rate. We have to repair the damage made by the ultra-feminists who made a glass ceiling for women without any help from the guys.

No matter how far women diverge from what the die-hard feminists consider is ‘strong’ and ‘true to the sisterhood’, we should support them because they are doing what they want. Every woman should be congratulated when she reaches freedom because now freedom means freedom from the patriarchy, freedom from conformity, and freedom from the condemnation of her peers.

Let’s stop fighting each other. Remember why the war was waged.

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