Healthy Beauty

How to Get Pretty Overnight

Help yourself to beauty by learning the tricks of the trade.

  1. Vitamin D, as contained in the sunshine, is for strong bones, healthy teeth, and a flawless complexion. Get plenty of it.
  2. Before you start a diet, always check with your doctor to make sure your system will stand it. When you are reducing, 50 percent of your food should contain raw fruits and vegetables.
  3. As soon as you arise in the morning, drink half a glass of hot water to which the juice of one lemon has been added, and remember that water is good for your system, so drink one quart daily.
  4. Don’t drink water with your meals. Flooding food down with water will overtax your stomach. Chew your food well and the natural saliva will send it on its way.
  5. Try to walk at least one hour each day. It will improve your circulation and tone up your system. If you are able, take your walk after a meal.
  6. While on the subject of meals, remember you should eat to live – not live to eat. Don’t gorge on your food, but always leave the table feeling you could eat a little more.
  7. Do not eat if you are very tired or angry or you’ll probably get indigestion. Postpone your meal until you feel better and have calmed down.
  8. How to exercise is as important as if you exercise. You can’t expect results unless you do your daily dozen with energy and enthusiasm.
  9. For a new angle on thick ankles try this reducing trick. Cross one leg over the other and keeping your leg taut, draw circles in the air with your foot – 20 times each ankle.
  10. If your profile is ruined by a double chin, do this exercise. Rotate your head in a wide circle… all the way around until you can feel the muscles of your neck and chin at work.
  11. If you work in an office or factory, do some simple exercises before an open window before you go to bed.
  12. Red bumps and pimples are usually caused by too much sugar, and not enough green vegetables, fresh fruit or water. If the proper diet does not help your skin, better consult your doctor.
  13. For enlarged pores, get a complexion brush and put it to work to thoroughly clean your face. Scour the troubled areas several times a day with warm water and a bar of mild soap. Follow the treatment with a dabbing of witch hazel.
  14. An oily skin deserves a weekly face pack. Mix toilet oatmeal with enough witch hazel in a saucer to form a thick paste. Smear it on your face, leave it for 20 minutes, and wash off in warm water; followed by cold.
  15. For dry skins, mix oatmeal to a thin paste with some almond or olive oil. Spread the paste on your face, leave it for 20 minutes, and remove with warm water.
  16. If your freckles are getting out of control, then protect yourself with a large hat and a suntan lotion. They can be faded with a mixture of equal parts of peroxide and lemon juice.
  17. Your back needs to be scrubbed once each day, as the oil glands are very active in this part of your body. Use a well-soaped loofah or long-handled back brush.
  18. If cold weather has caused your legs to become rough and mottled, massage them each night with a solution of castor oil in alcohol.
  19. For beautiful arms, polish your elbows with a mixture of oatmeal and cleansing cream. Be sure the mixture is rough enough to create friction.
  20. Oily hair should be shampooed often, sometimes two or three times a week, it won’t harm your scalp, but will keep your hair shiny and clean. Remember, clean brushes and combs are just as important.
  21. Dry hair needs to be brushed and brushed. Use an olive oil shampoo, and wash your locks at least once each week. Be sure your hair gets regular doses of fresh air and sunshine.
  22. When brushing your hair, part it in the middle of the back of your head, and brush away from the part, first up, then down. This stimulates the circulation of blood through to your scalp.
  23. Wash fair hair with this special shampoo. Shred 4 oz of pure soap and place in a saucepan with 1½ pints of cold water. Heat slowly till the soap is melted. Strain through a cheesecloth and allow it to cool.
  24. Compromise with that stubborn cowlick. Part your hair the way the cowlick falls, rather than ruin the lines of your hairline by parting against it.
  25. Don’t emphasize a round face with curls around your face. Keep your hair short and brush those curls away from your jaw. The same rule applies to a square face.
  26. To widen close-set eyes, let your eyebrows start at the inner corners of the eyes. Touch up your outer, upper lashes with mascara, and brighten your brows with petroleum jelly.
  27. If your ears are not pretty, then don’t expose them. Only small, pretty ears should have an uncovered hairdo. Be careful to wash your ears daily – you’re not the one who notices them.
  28. After your bath, splash your body with skin freshener and then moisten your face with it before you apply your makeup. Find a scent that suits your personality, but don’t be guilty of drowning yourself in the liquid.
  29. Whilst on the subject – please use a deodorant every day. There is no excuse for anyone to offend with body odor. Use a deodorant that will check perspiration as well as odor.
  30. A sweet breath is just as important. Gargle with a mouthwash every morning, and before you go out at night. Frequent cleanings of the teeth should prevent an unpleasant breath.
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