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How to Be Pretty and Skinny

You know as well as we do that it is better to be thinner. It is prettier and healthier, it will help you get a job or a man, it will even enable you to fit into those tapered pants. You also know how to get slim and stay that way: eat fewer calories than you burn up.

The problem is how to accomplish this and live happily ever after. Here are some tips from a long experience with a splendid appetite.

  1. Eat Slowly.
  2. Talk. The art of conversation should be practiced at all meals, both for delight and to take up time.
  3. Eat foods that take time and have relatively low calories. Seafood (oysters, prawns), for example, or mixed green salad. It will take you far longer to work your way through one of these than to eat a toasted sandwich.
  4. Practice positive thinking by making up a list of all the foods you like that are not fattening. Grilled chicken (a real bargain: low in calories, high in satisfaction and time-consuming besides), oysters, asparagus, mushrooms, strawberries, melon.
  5. Stop eating before you get that full feeling. You will find that within half an hour after the meal you are quite satisfied.
  6. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Save some extra calories for snacks between meals or at bedtime, and you’ll never feel deprived.
  7. Get in a supply of low-calorie, quick-snack foods. This is particularly important if you are starting on your new eating regime; if necessary, indulge in an almost constant stream of low calorific treats.
  8. Try a little escapism or temporary distraction if necessary, especially during the first few (hardest) days of changing your eating habits. Example: Go out and emote over a film after dinner instead of sitting at home and thinking about how you used to nibble while watching TV.
  9. Allow yourself an occasional spree. Cream with a fruit salad; a large blob of Hollandaise sauce. Good for the morale, and you can make up for it in one of these two ways:
  10. Eat sparingly the next day.
  11. Exercise it off. There are many delightful ways to work off or neutralize the effects of calorie intake: dance for an hour (about 200 calories), swim for a half-hour (about 200 calories), walk briskly for an hour and a half (about 300 calories). It is better to do the extra exercise before you eat extra food.
  12. More about exercise: If some sport isn’t already part of your life, get busy and discover the lithe, lively feeling of exuberance that comes from tennis, golf, etc. Or, go upstairs two steps at a time; rock back and forth, heel to toe, while standing in line at the supermarket; stretch and yawn and stretch some more before you get out of bed.
  13. Have plenty of fun, lead an interesting life. This gives you something better to think about than raiding the refrigerator. (You have to abandon the idea that food has any real entertainment value.)
  14. Fall in love.
  15. Try relaxation with only very little food if you are home alone for lunch in the middle of a day of house cleaning and bill paying. Example: A half-hour’s nap or rest (lying down) listening to favorite records, followed by a large glass of tomato juice or a cup of hot bouillon plus Melba toast or crackers. (Much healthier than standing up at the kitchen sink while you gulp down a snack.)
  16. Note that a brought-from-home office lunch, eaten at your desk, has acquired considerable status. Put salad or fruit and cheese and hard-boiled egg in a plastic container or walk to a store for cold meat, an apple.
  17. Always have a low-calorie first course at dinner to dull the first pangs. Obvious suggestions: hot or jellied consomme or chilled, crisp celery, radishes, cauliflower buds, strips of green pepper.
  18. Practice good posture at all times. This is almost as good as exercise, helps keep your stomach muscles in control, and makes you not want to eat too much of anything that might interfere with said posture.
  19. Walk faster. Walking faster burns up more calories and makes you look younger.
  20. Not every system works for everybody.
  21. Go easy on the bread, rolls, cake, pie, and such. Exception: A thin slice of toast for breakfast to go with your egg.
  22. Boil, grill, or poach whenever possible; frying is for special occasions.
  23. Make yourself a cup of no-calorie broth – a teaspoon of Vegemite or Marmite dissolved in boiling water, seasoned to taste.
  24. If you’re a chocolate lover – try plain ice-cream, the small scoop on Sunday, topped off with tiny chocolate crinkles; or a few semi-sweet chocolate pieces, eaten one at a time, slowly and lovingly.
  25. Buy a ravishing new dress that’s a little too snug. Look at it before every meal. This is a powerful incentive to stay on your slimming program.
  26. Wear a right belt or girdle (you can take your belt in a notch every time you lose a few pounds), especially if you are going to a party where you know you’ll be tempted by rich foods. This makes it uncomfortable to eat too much.
  27. Plan a party for a month from the day you start on your new regime and don’t see your guests during the interim. This is rather a stagy strategy; you, in your new look, will make a real entrance.
  28. Don’t talk about your diet or your exercise. Several reasons: Most people don’t care, will react with boredom until you’ve lost weight; also, you may not stick to your program; most important, you’ll “talk it out” and derive satisfaction therefrom, which will dilute your incentive to get actual results.
  29. Serve small portions, and on small plates, if this makes the self-deception easier for you. Also, be sure to serve things as attractively as possible.
  30. Handle restaurant meals sensibly. Two ideas: 1. Don’t think of the fattening foods; instead, derive your pleasure from the fact that you’re far from your kitchen. 2. Plan the occasion as a spree, indulge a bit, but make up for it the day before or after.
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