Bacteria breeding anywhere on the body can add to the spread of acne. An infection of the tonsils, appendix, lymph nodes, teeth, or gums can encourage ugly acne lesions.

Many things can be done, both by you at home and by a doctor, to control acne.

Keep Your Skin Clean. Wash your face gently, several times a day, with soap and water, rinse thoroughly and dry.

This facial is an effective means of removing bacteria, grease, and oil as they accumulate on the skin surface. Using an antiseptic soap, work up a rich lather of suds, stroking gently upward from the chin.

Then stroke across the cheekbones from the bridge of the nose out ward to the temples. With lather and fingertips, use a circular motion to clean around mouth area and a stroking motion on the forehead between the eyes.

Let soapsuds set on your face while you lather neckline and throat area thoroughly. Complete the facial by rinsing first with warm water, then with cool water, and pat dry.

Girls, avoid using greasy cosmetics and excessive amounts of cold cream. One of the basic problems of acne is too much grease (sebum is your skin’s own cold cream, remember?) and you don’t want to add more grease to a skin already saturated with it.

Shampoo your scalp and hair frequently and thoroughly, using a soap or detergent shampoo. There are sebaceous glands in the scalp, and many cases of acne don’t improve until oil, grease, and dandruff on the scalp have been removed.

Don’t squeeze pimples or pick at your face. First, if you squeeze, you often force the infection to spread under the skin, which results in nastier-looking bumps. And, secondly, your fingers and nails are not surgically clean, so you may spread the infection to other areas of the skin.

Watch what you eat. If a certain food seems to make you break out, don’t eat it. Of course, you should always check with your own doctor before attempting ANY diet on your own.

Keep your digestive system working smoothly. Try especially to avoid constipation, which encourages acne. Drink plenty of water, eat your quota of fresh vegetables, fruits, and cereals that provide bulk in the diet.

Keep fit. The basic health menu of daily helpings of outdoor exercise, sleep, rest, study, and fun is important to follow. Moderate exposure to the natural rays of the sun is nature’s remedy.

Try not to let life get you down! All the nervous energy you spend worrying contributes to the state of your health.

Suppose you have been scrupulous about treating your skin at home, but you notice that pimples are forming on the skin. It’s time to see your doctor. Not only can he do a great deal to control the situation now but he can also help prevent permanent damage and scarring.

No method of treatment will cure acne overnight. Sometimes, when your general health is not up to par or you get blue or tense, you may have a setback or two. But you mustn’t get discouraged. It takes time to build up the body immunity and to calm overactive sebaceous glands.